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PSA: Three Sleeping Dogs DLC packs out today


Three DLC packs for Sleeping Dogs launch today for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC: The Street Racer pack runs $4 (320 MS Points), the Tactical Soldier pack is $2 (160 MS Points), and the Community Gift pack is free (otherwise it wouldn't be much of a gift).

Street Racer adds three new races on land and sea, titled Kamikaze, Cross Island Enduro and Harbor Run – the last of which is the water-based race, if that wasn't obvious. This pack includes a new Sting racing bike and a Dragon outfit.

Tactical Soldier includes the assault rifle, known as "the game's most powerful and destructive weapon," and the strongest armor of the game, the Tactical outfit. The Community Gift pack includes wardrobe items from developer United Front Games, for United Front Games: a studio t-shirt, a UFG-themed, environmentally friendly compact car and a luchador mask, which is apparently some sort of inside joke for the development team.

All three packs are available right now, so get racing, tactician-ing and wrestling, we guess.

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