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Star Trek Online shows off its new gateway

Eliot Lefebvre

Avid players of Star Trek Online are going to have a new tool to use starting with the game's next major update, Season 7. But it's not an in-game tool -- it's specifically meant for use when you're not in the game. The latest development blog for the game outlines the upcoming Star Trek Online Gateway, allowing players to access in-game information remotely via desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

At launch, the Gateway will only allow players to look up character status, ship status, officer status, and accolades. The development team is working on expanding the tool's functionality for the future, with the current features only scratching the surface of long term plans. And if you need to remember that you're playing Star Trek Online, the tool has been designed to resemble the ubiquitous LCARS interface from the series and game. It's not a groundswell of new content, but if you've long been waiting for the game to have some form of mobile functionality, the wait will be over soon.

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