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Blizzard: Patch 5.1 is 'going to change what it means to be a World of Warcraft patch'


In an effort to deliver more frequent updates, Blizzard has stated that it's willing to redefine the traditional mega-World of Warcraft patch to include smaller updates. "We're going to change what it means to be a WoW patch," said Production Director J. Allen Brack. "We just had to make a decision about how we're going to do these updates that are quicker."

Brack spoke with Rock, Paper, Shotgun about the upcoming smaller Mists of Pandaria 5.1 patch as well as World of Warcraft's future. He said that the WoW team is "larger than it's ever been," with 165 people working on the project.

Other topics raised by the interview included free-to-play and revamps to older content. Brack said that the team has thought about both, and he made the interesting admission that The Burning Crusade has aged poorly in comparison to the rest of the game. "There was a while where Burning Crusade was the best thing we'd ever done," he said. "Now it's the worst thing we've ever done, because everything else has raised the level with Cataclysm."

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