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Firefall Fest schedules celebrity livestreams


If you're missing one of your favorite celebrities next week, you might want to check with Red 5 Studios. The makers of Firefall have kidnapped, er, enticed several popular stars to check out the game via an interactive livestreaming event called Firefall Fest. Among the celebs participating are Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and Nathan Fillion.

Red 5 has posted the schedule for the livestreams, which start on October 22nd and continue through the 27th. In addition to letting you hear what your favorite star or group has to say about the game and seeing said game in action, Red 5 is handing out daily prizes to viewers.

The studio also announced that any player who purchases a Firefall Founders Pack during this week will get immediate beta access, and all founders get snag additional in-game items just by watching.

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