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Majority of undecided Xbox Live voters declare Obama victor of town hall debate

Jordan Mallory

Of the 2,000 or so undecided voters that tuned into last night's presidential debate via Xbox Live, 51 percent thought that President Barack Obama's overall performance was better than former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Meanwhile, 17 percent declared Romney the winner, while 32 percent remained unsure as to who outclassed who.

Fifty-two percent of undecided Xbox Live voters felt that President Obama was the most truthful during the debate, compared with the 17 percent who felt that way about Romney. Regarding the specificity of their plans for our nation, 56 percent felt Obama was satisfactorily specific in regards to his plan for the future, whereas 17 percent said the same about Romney.

Those 2,000-ish voters were but a small subset of the total number of viewers, however, which totaled more than 100,000 Xbox owners. Over the course of the debate, more than 2 million individual answers were given to approximately 70 poll questions, with most questions averaging 35,000 to 45,000 responses each.

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