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Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi joins Keio University


Tetsuya Mizuguchi, former head of Q? Entertainment and creator of games like Rez, Lumines, Space Channel 5 and Child of Eden, has taken a position at Keio University as a "project professor." He remains at Q as a "spokesperson."

Keio's announcement notes that his position in the Graduate School of Media Design will allow him to "continue to produce games and further expand his expertise in the field of media design and innovative content production." So he's still working on games, but no longer in a commercial environment.

Considering he's best known for games about shooting corrupted files out of the computerized memory of a virtual teenager, and using your dancing-slash-journalism skills to defeat TV-faced aliens, we're intensely curious about what Mizuguchi does when freed from commercial concerns.

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