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Sleeping Dogs goes digital on PSN in Europe and Australasia


Sleeping Dogs is waking up and going for digital walkies on PlayStation Network in Europe and Australasia. Square Enix's action-adventure is now available to download from both continents' stores, and comes with three of the downloadable packs released to date.

There's the Retro Triad Pack, which gives you some funky 80s garb and a kiler kung fu van to trawl the streets of Hong Kong with. Also included is the Red Envelope Pack, which dispenses 20 red envelopes (funnily enough) throughout the region, each one stuffed with $50,000 HK. Finally, there's also the Street Racer pack released yesterday, which is kind of self-descriptive. Except one of the three races included is water-based, so there's that.

The digital edition is now available in Europe and Australasia, priced £47.99/€69.99/$89.95 AU. We've reached out to Square Enix to find out if we can expect something similar for the North American PlayStation Store too.

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