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Engadget Eurocast 001 - 10.18.2012


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For years now, the Engadget podcast has valiantly chewed over the week's technology news for your listening pleasure. But, if you live on the wrong side of the pond, use your fork with the other hand, or just have a keen interest in tech stories from the old world then this one is for you. It is with great pleasure that we introduce the inaugural Engadget Eurocast. In this edition we look at Samsung's subdued Galaxy S III mini launch, Amazon's Paperwhite hitting UK shores, and quickly mull over the Xbox's latest Dashboard update -- among other things. We're not excluding our American / world listeners, of course. If you ever wondered what a podcast might sound like if voiced by Bond villains (and a Canadian), then here's your answer.

Hosts: Dan Cooper, Sharif Sakr, Steve Dent
Producer: James Trew

00:45 - Samsung Galaxy S III mini pops up, we go hands-on (video)
06:30 - Samsung Galaxy Note II review
08:05 - ASUS PadFone 2 to hit European and Asian markets before end of December
15:01 - Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite coming to the UK on October 25th, starting at £109
21:46 - Microsoft puts a price on Surface RT: starts at $499, or $599 with Touch Cover
26:13 - PSA: Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard update rolling out today
29:54 - Felix Baumgarter breaks YouTube record as 8 million viewers watch his space jump

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