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ReadyCase Indiegogo project ready for takeoff ... just not on airplanes


One of the more innovative crowd-funded projects that has popped up lately over at Indiegogo is ReadyCase. This very slim iPhone case for the iPhone 4/4S/5 isn't just a phone case -- it also features a headphone clip to keep your EarPods and cables tidily stashed away, a built-in USB drive that also acts as a kickstand for propping up the case, a quick snap lens ring for attaching third-party magnetic-mount lenses to your device and a multi-tool for opening boxes, bottles or surviving on a deserted island.

ReadyCase handily reached its funding goal -- the team was looking for $15,000 and is currently at over $100,000 -- so the project is ready to rumble when it ends a week from today. One of the big questions most people had about the ReadyCase was how it was going to be possible to get this thing through airport security -- after all, it does have a knife blade. The team addressed that issue by making the blade easy to remove so you can either remove it and stow it in your luggage pre-flight, or let the TSA confiscate the multi-tool when you forget to pull it off.

To see if they can get another $20,000 in funding in the next week, the ReadyCase crew has set a new perk. If they make $120,000 in funding, they'll replace one confiscated multi-tool free of charge. To quote, "Just send us a sad photo of yourself on the plane with your ReadyCase missing its multitool, and we'll send you a replacement." That deal is only available to Indiegogo contributors.

If you're just hearing about the ReadyCase for the first time, take a look at the promotional video below for a look at the case that can literally do everything ... except fly in one piece on a commercial aircraft.

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