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The Witcher 2 coming to Mac, adding DRM-free Mac games


Polish video game developer CD Projekt is here at the MacTech Conference in Los Angeles this week because they're making a few big announcements today about the Mac platform. First, the company's biggest and most popular game, The Witcher 2, is finally arriving on the Mac platform. The Mac version was announced earlier this year, but it's now available -- if you're interested in playing the award-winning and critically acclaimed RPG, you can pick it up on the company's website right now, or grab it over on Steam. It's arriving with a Mac launch sale for just $29.99.

And speaking of the company's website, CD Projekt also distributes PC games under the banner, and the other big Apple-related announcement today is that will now carry DRM-free Mac games as well. We cornered representative Trevor Longino here at the MacTech Conference, and as he says in the video below, will start out with over 50 different Mac games and will add even more as time goes on.

There are also a number of sales available, including an offer of six different Mac games (including Sim City 2000, Postal Classic, and Crusader: No Remorse) for 50% off right now, as low as $2.99. New users to the site will also get eight games for free, and there are some other sales going on as well, including an incredible pay-what-you-will sale on all Interplay games (!). Since the arrival of Steam on the Mac platform, Mac gamers have had many more options for their playtime, and's move on the Mac is just as valuable.

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