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Transmogrify your monk (or leather wearer) into a member of the Shado-Pan

Dawn Moore

Any monk who's taken a look at the goods sold by the Shado-Pan quartermaster has probably already seen the Replica Shado-Pan Helmet. Upon seeing it, many of those monks undoubtedly thought to themselves "I should make a Shado-Pan transmog outfit." Well, my good monks, let's get to it, shall we? Oh, druids and rogues, you can come too.

So the bad news is that aside from the helmet, most of the armor models worn by members of the Shado-Pan aren't yet available to players. I have hopes that as the expansion goes on we'll see more of those armor models used for player armor, but for now we'll have to use substitutes with similar colors and shape to the gear worn by the Shado-Pan.

The good news is there is a lot to work with, and there's a lot of variety in the Shado-Pan gear. First, most members of the Shado-Pan do not wield the same weapon. Some of them carry swords and shields, others wear staves on their back. For this transmog I've used a polearm with the same model as the one worn by the Shado-Pan guards on the wall. You should feel free to use any weapon you like though.

The other variety among the Shado-Pan is the color scheme of their armor. The Shado-Pan warrior shown in the article header has gold accented gear, but many of the members have silver accents on their gear instead (as pictured here). This gives us a lot of flexibility in selecting look-a-like gear.

Gold scheme Shado-Pan
Transmogrify your monk or leather wearer into a member of the ShadoPan THURS
Silver scheme Shado-Pan

Transmogrify your monk or leather wearer into a member of the ShadoPan THURSAs I mentioned earlier, some of the Shado-pan have silver accents on their gear instead of gold. Try mixing and matches pieces from both outfits to get the look you want.
There is still a lot of variety to be had when assembling a Shado-Pan outfit. I recommend flying around Townlong Steppes for inspiration. You'll see Shado-Pan members with different helmets, or no helmet at all. Some of the female members even wear kilts. You've got a lot of options as long as you stick to the general silhouette and color scheme.

Patch 4.3 lets you transmogrify your gear to look like any other gear your class can wear -- but you have to collect it first. Check out our coverage of transmogrification and start running those old dungeons!

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