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Mac Game of the Week: Puzkend plays it casual


Azkend is a casual puzzle game that's been available for PC, Mac and iOS. Its success inspired a sequel called Azkend 2. The gameplay is similar to the match-three genre, and it's not unlike Bejeweled. You must match three (or more) items of a certain kind, and your eventual goal is to line the pieces up and clear the board.

Puzkend is another game from the same team which, as the name indicates, is even more centered on this core puzzle idea. There are no time limits or unlimited undo moves. Instead, Puzkend is focused on a core puzzle experience: Take your time, make matches and gradually unlock all of the picture-based puzzles.

I actually enjoy this version of the game a lot. I tend to play puzzle games like this in between my other work and game playing, and so the idea of simply leaving this running in the background (and then bringing it back up when I want to complete a puzzle or two) is very appealing to me. Families should enjoy it as well, as almost anyone can pick up and play. But "casual" doesn't mean "throwaway." There's enough thought and depth behind Puzkend that even hardcore puzzle players will likely enjoy giving it a few clicks.

If you're looking for a real challenge or a fast-paced action title, this isn't that (you'll have to wait until next week, or hit up that sale). But Puzkend is a fun, low pressure title that's well worth the US$1.99 price. It's on the Mac App Store right now.

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