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The Daily Grind: What's your most-hated MMO zone?


Star Wars Galaxies may have been my favorite MMO, but its pre-NGE Rage of Wookiees expansion introduced what I consider the worst MMO zone of all time: Kashyyyk. Unlike the wide-open planets that populated the SWG galaxy at launch, the tiny playable areas of Kashyyyk were a maze of tall zone walls and tight corridors, with a multi-level, below-ground, explorable themepark-style area and an inadequate map to ensure that you were totally getting lost on this ride.

It was also a no-build planet, meaning no homes or storyteller decorations (not that there would have been anywhere to put them anyway), so the whole location felt completely isolated from the rest of the game. And while the NGE version of the zone made it one of the few spots for quest-based, mid-tier leveling in the game, it was too difficult and scattershot for actual middlebies. Oh, and did I mention that vehicles and instant-transport ships mysteriously didn't work beneath the top jungle layer? Hope you enjoy running all the way back out again!

All right, picking on sunsetted games is just mean, especially when I'd take SWG back in a heartbeat, flaws and all. So what about you -- what's your most-hated MMO zone?

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