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Toys R Us exclusive: Legendary Skylanders Giants figures, alternate versions of others


Skylanders Giants launches October 21, and if you're in the market for some elite figures, you may want to hit up your local Toys R Us. The retailer has the exclusive rights to sell a limited edition 'Legendary' series of Skylanders Giants figurines with special in-game abilities. Toys R Us is also selling an exclusive three-pack featuring Jet Vac, Series 2 Slam Bam and Series 2 Ignitor – all of which have enhanced in-game powers.

Though our own review says it's possible to get through Skylanders Giants without buying any additional figures, it's probably not the most realistic expectation – especially if you've you have kids interested in the franchise. Toys R Us will be open early at 8am on Sunday for your Skylanders Giants purchasing needs.

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