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WRUP: Gotta keep the mind strong, too


Welcome to WRUP, wherein we indulge our urge to tell the best people in the world (that's you) what we're doing this weekend. There's usually wondrous variety, except when a huge expansion that shares no resemblance to a Jack Black movie happens to be taking up our time. I'm just saying.

Our bonus question this weekend? Well, a surprising number of WoW Insiders seem to take their physical health seriously. That's not really a shock, since we're talking about a crack team of super keen people, but it was still a notable trend. So awesome, we like to jog. But what are we doing to keep the old noggin' in tip-top shape?

Alex Ziebart (@AlexZiebart) My gaming this weekend is going to be torn between building my rep in Mists of Pandaria, rocking out on a krogan in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, and assassinating fools in Dishonored. When I'm not doing that, I'm going to mirror Whitcomb's brain activities -- reading some good books. I have fantastic material from Scott Andrews, Matt Rossi, and Mike Gray to work through.

Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) Working on dailies and raiding on Sunday, maybe trying to max out my cooking, it hasn't really been on my priority list but it's the one profession I have left. Bonus: I do a lot of painting and stuff around the house, and cooking - usually when I'm doing all of that, I'm thinking about one story or another. I also do a lot of reading, like everyone else!

Chase Hasbrouck (@alarondruid, @alaronmonk) Going to push my druid to 90 over the weekend, and dailies/profession leveling on my monk.

Bonus: I'm in the Army, so that keeps my non-brain parts in pretty good shape.

Dan Desmond (@Antigen_) Some dailies, some Headless Horseman runs, more dailies, more Headless Horseman runs...

When I do laundry, I like to play the "match all of the socks that are the same brand but different ages" game to keep my mind sharp. It's pretty effective, let me tell you.

Daniel Whitcomb (@danielwhitcomb) I'm going to be rabid on keeping up with my dailies this weekend with the help of the Wickerman buff. Extra reputation? Don't mind if I do! I also plan to run Scarlet Halls a few times, as I really, really need to upgrade my pants. It's my last remaining green slot. Finally, I'll be playing my Krogan Sentinel for a few rounds on Mass Effect Multiplayer to get that Operation Bloodlust credit.

Dawn Moore (@dawnwow) Dailies and raiding this weekend, plus League of Legends if the right people are down for it. With all the Asian food in Mists of Pandaria, I've really been wanting to do one of those WoW cooking blogs recently. You know, the ones where you try to recreate dishes in the game? As for exercise... I go through phases of exercising everyday for 3-4 months, then get busy and don't do anything for 1-2 months. When I do though, I focus primarily on cardio (step aerobics, elliptical, biking, brisk walking, and occasionally jogging) and aim to keep my heart rate at or above 150 bpm. Keeping my head together ... That's far too complex to describe, though exercise helps a lot with it.

Elizabeth Wachowski (@leeatwaterlives) A live-action version of Trauma Center, at least so far!

Joe Perez (@lodurzj) I'm actually in California this weekend visiting family and friends, so not a whole lot of gaming. Though once I find a mouse for this laptop I will at least be back to doing dailies. As far as the bonus goes, give me headphones and an elliptical machine and I'm good to go.

Matt "Matticus" Low (@matticus) Working on my Monk this weekend. I'll use what spare time I have to level him and have him raid ready by 5.1. If Mistweavers continue to be strong, I may ultimately make the switch.

Matt Rossi (@MattWRossi) I'll be going to the Edmonton Expo ( ) with my lovely wife. It's her birthday and we wanted to go.

As for my brain meats, I like to listen to music and imagine stuff. I was going to hype all our books, but then Alex went and did it. Did I mention that Alex is merely the humanoid manifestation of the ancient Celtic deity known as the Two Horned One?

Matt Walsh (@Rhidach) Going to be hitting up LFR this weekend, along with some more dailies. Almost revered with a lot of the factions. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Also working on getting Master of the Ways, because it's nice to have a grind to fall back on when I get bored.

Bonus: Whenever I need a good workout, I play with my dog. She's a hyper ball of energy (they call her Winnie the Hedgehog at school) and it's always exercise when you spend time with her.

Megan O'Neill (@slowpoker) Working on leveling my alts, namely my bear. Also working on Master of the Ways -- I only have Way of the Brew left! Bonus: I pace a lot, so I often end up going to a 24-hr store like Kroger or Walmart to walk around. As for mind, I like to read various things & do sudoku. I also try my hand at the various puzzles in the GAMES magazine, but I'm not very good at the crosswords without Google. (I think I'm not old enough to know most of the crossword clues.)

Michael Gray (@writegray) I've really been focused on finishing some outstanding projects... it's both energizing and a great way to keep rocking. This weekend, I'll be getting the sequel to the first Mystery Hounds on the shelves... The Mystery Hounds: A Bear on Fox Mountain. I adore writing for kids.

Robin Torres (@cosmiclaurel) Our Disneyland annual passes expire next week, so we're making it an all-weekend event. Bonus: I exercise both my mind and body at the same time: I create stories while I walk. I particularly like to invent backstories of the many interesting people I see. Like the guy in his 60s teaching clog dancing to one student in a barely lit park at 8 p.m. once a week -- what do you think his backstory is?

The weekend is the perfect time to kick back, relax and enjoy some game time. Are you an achievement junkie? Can't get enough raiding? Rolling a new alt? Considering taking the leap into roleplaying? Whatever your favorite way to play World of Warcraft, let us know in the comments what you're playing this weekend!

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