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SOE Live 2012: Friday keynote highlights DCUO, EQ, and EQII

Karen Bryan

Day two of SOE Live wrapped up with yet another keynote, this one focused on DC Universe Online, EverQuest, and EverQuest II. Creative Director Jens Andersen of DCUO, Executive Producer Thom Terrazas from EQ, Executive Producer Holly Longdale from EQII, and Dave Georgeson, the EQ Franchise head, all took a turn on stage to give a rundown of what each game had launched over the past year, and more importantly, where each is headed for the future. But before that, SOE paid tribute to the military veterans in attendance (pictured above) and gave two of the longest-serving military members NVIDIA cards to thank them for their service.

Read on for the highlights!


DCUO's Home Turf DLC arrives in early 2013 and features a new housing system called lairs, PvP events, and new content to four iconic locations (one of which is Steelworks).

SOE Live  Friday Keynote highlights DCUO, EQ, and EQII
Beyond that, the game has three more packs planned. Origin Crisis will feature time travel, so players can travel to the future to battle Lex Luthor or travel back in time to witness the murder of Batman's parents. The next is called Halls of Power, and it brings the launch of new league halls as well as new improvements to the league UI and league features. In addition, the team is adding armories, which are suit tubes that players can use to save customized looks and then change outfits on the fly. The third update is called the Trials of Trigon, and it finishes off the Trigon cliffhanger of the storyline. Trigon has transformed Gotham into a hellish environment, and it's up to players to enter Trigon's dimension and battle his sons and daughters who are vying for power.


EverQuest is focusing on finding what's best for its players: continuing to improve upon things with the upcoming expansion Rain of Fear. The devs are improving the Hero's Forge system, raising the level cap to 100, and adding an aggro meter (Rangers, rejoice!). They're also adding a collection system and a slayer system with titles and rewards, both of which are staples of EverQuest II gameplay, plus an autonomous broker system in which items that players buy will be delivered straight to their inventories, meaning no need to run to town to pick the item up.

Meanwhile, there's lots of new content for players to tackle (or die to -- Terrazas said that one EQ player dies every 1.8 seconds). There's Shards Landing, a massive underground zone and the quest hub for the expansion. Meanwhile, Breeding Grounds is a wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor zone full of rats, dragons, and all sorts of nasty mobs for players to battle. The devs also showcased a gigantic tree, which was created by a fear shard striking the ground. It's full of mutant creatures that have been corrupted by the fruit of the tree.

Befallen has a new area caused by a fear shard; it allows high-level players to revisit old content and continue the storyline of the zone (Paladins, rejoice!). Players will also recognize King Xorbb, who's now grown in strength to threaten Rivervale (Halflings, beware!). This is actually the endgame to the expansion and offers a lot of challenging content along the way to facing King Xorbb.

As to the Hero's Forge, Therrazas announced that the team launched new items today that are Halloween-themed, so players can don pumpkin heads and festive looks. Also, robes have been added to the Forge, so casters have reason to celebrate.

SOE Live  Friday Keynote highlights DCUO, EQ, and EQII
Even better, EverQuest is launching the addition of new "pointy hats" for casters by the end of the year.

There was a brief pause in the action as developers explained what Krono is. Basically, if you've played EVE Online, you'll be familiar with the concept. You can purchase Krono for cash and then either trade it, gift it, sell it, or use it for 30 days of gold member game time in your MMO of choice. The advice: Sell high!


Next up was EverQuest II, and there was a lot that was covered. In keeping with the philosophy of showing, not telling, the story, attendees were treated to a video of Beylon, a Chains of Eternity boss, arriving with much fanfare. It's a six-man fight, but there's also a solo version for players as well.

SOE Live  Friday Keynote highlights DCUO, EQ, and EQII
In addition, we learn what happens to Firiona Vie. She died at the end of the Sleeper's Tomb storyline, but others begin to die off as well, and players are asked to travel to the Realm of the Afterlife to find out what's amiss. Players will travel to zones like the Domain of Drinal to take on the Silver Reaper. Meanwhile, the level cap will be increased to 95, and there are new prestige abilities for adventurers and tradeskillers alike. The expansion will also feature spirit stones, a type of adornment that grows in power when you do what it says in the item description. New zones include a mix of new areas, like Eidolon Jungle, and popular zones from the past that are re-imagined, like Loping Plains and Cazic Thule. As for future content down the road, there is a massive amount planned, including Cobalt Scar and Siren's Grotto. The expansion goes into public beta on Monday.

Player Studio

The keynote wrapped up with two new announcements related to Player Studio. In addition to the items that players can make and submit, there's also the opportunity to create new hairstyles and house deeds, which are fully decorated housing plots that can be sold or given to other players. (The deeds do not need to go through the approval process).

Stay tuned this weekend as Massively brings you more detailed info from panels and interviews!

What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas, at least where SOE Live is concerned! Massively sent intrepid reporters MJ Guthrie and Karen Bryan to this year's SOE Live, from which they'll be transmitting all the best fan news on PlanetSide 2, EverQuest II, DC Universe Online, and the other MMOs on SOE's roster.

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