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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is rebellious


Rules were meant to be broken. At least, that's what many games over the years would have you think. I couldn't tell you the number of times I've heard people say they play video games because they're allowed to do things they "can't do in real life," including breaking all the rules.

The Grand Theft Auto series comes to mind as a clear example where gameplay revolves around breaking laws (the series is named after a criminal act, after all). Not killing people and petty theft are both pretty big rules in life, which are broken by thousands of video games. It actually becomes markedly difficult to pinpoint a handful of games that never have players sticking to any rules or laws presented to them in an obvious way. Sure, more obscure games that don't mimic everyday life have players bound to the rules of the game. Players are incredibly confined in how they stack shapes in Tetris.

Those sorts of games aside, it's worth wondering if some video games stick to the "rule-breaker" mentality a little too much. Although, games that don't offer an opportunity to be a rebel in one way or another might suffer from being too boring to be noteworthy. Either way, we encourage you to stick to one rule: Read last week's webcomics and then vote for your favorite after the break. Fall in line!

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