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BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution puzzle game available with pre-order [update: more retailers]


A pre-order from GameStop for the upcoming BioShock Infinite will net you not one but two games, apparently. Not only will you of course get a copy of the BioShock followup itself, but you'll also pick up a completely separate puzzle game called BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution, a Flash-based puzzle game that appears to have been created just for this promotion. Industrial Revolution places you in the shoes of a factory worker in BioShock Infinite's world, completing puzzles to support either one of the game's two factions.

Industrial Revolution will have over 50 levels to play through, and will be available to pre-order sometime before BioShock Infinite releases on February 26 of next year. The original version of BioShock had its own Hacking minigame included, but this one seems completely separate, just a fully promotional tie-in title rather than an integral part of the finished release.

Update: The offer is not exclusive to GameStop: Irrational has the full list of retailers here.

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