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EVE devs struggle with factional warfare stagnation


CCP Games isn't completely happy with the results brought on by EVE Online's most recent expansion, Inferno. In a frank dev blog, CCP Fozzie admits that its factional warfare system has fizzled in places and caused inflation in the market. So the team is preparing a new patch for tomorrow to combat these undesirable elements.

"These are the problems that our retribution changes were designed to alleviate, but players have been telling us that the situation is degrading faster than we had expected," Fozzie writes. "Faced with the dual problems of factional warfare stagnation and PLEX inflation, we saw an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone."

Inferno 1.3.2 will make significant changes to loyalty point acquisition and expenditure rates. The team's also patching in a fix to combat AFK plexing while continuing to work on improved NPCs for the factional warfare system for the future.

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