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The Daily Grind: Is EverQuest a sandbox?

Jef Reahard

Our coverage of John Smedley's SOE Live keynote elicited some curious comments, chief among them the notion that EverQuest is a sandbox title. This sentiment followed on from Smed's announcement that EQNext has been remodeled from an EQIII evolution to a sandbox revolution, as some of our readers said that that's a return to the franchise's roots.

While it's true that the definition of sandbox is somewhat malleable and subjective, we're curious to know how you can stretch it to include a level-based title with class-based gameplay that largely revolves around killing and looting. Sure it was less directed than modern themeparks, and there was a lack of documentation/communal knowledge that made early gameplay challenging, but a sandbox? Really?

What do you think, Massively readers? Is EQ a sandbox, and if so, what makes it one?

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