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The Repopulation goes in-depth on PvE mechanics

Shawn Schuster

If you're a sandbox fan and The Repopulation has been pinging your radar, you'll be pleased to hear that the dev team at Above and Beyond Technologies has penned a lengthy articles detailing the features of the game's PvE mechanics. Previously, we've seen similar news for the game's housing, grouping, trade skills, engagements, and more.

As a true sandbox, The Repopulation allows you to have several options. Missions are explained as similar to traditional MMO quests, but they're not necessary to the game. In fact, these missions are tailor-made for your character based on your skill level, faction, previously completed missions, personality traits, and more. The article also gives us extensive details on engagements, generated epic missions, rewards, exploration, branching dialogue options, and way more than you'd expect to hear on a game this early in development.

Check out the full novel article for more information.

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