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Thousands line up for Beijing's newest Apple Store


Apple's newest store -- the Beijing Wangfujing location -- opened on Saturday with fanfare appropriate to a flagship store in a prominent shopping district.

M.I.C. Gadget had photographers on hand to capture the smiling faces of the estimated 1,000 people who were there for the opening, and reported that lines were huge outside the store throughout the day.

The Wangfujing store boasts almost 25,000 square feet of retail space, a three-story glass staircase and a huge curved glass facade through which the store can be viewed. Notable photos of the crowd include a homemade "Gangnam Style"-like sign imploring "Open Apple Store" and a young woman with a sign saying "My husband did not buy an iPhone 5 for me and he is not reliable. I'm looking for a highly eligible bachelor."

If any TUAW readers were on hand for the opening and want to fill us in on their insights about the Wangfujing Apple Store, please do so in the comments. Video of the exciting opening can be viewed below.

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