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iMessage users have sent 300 billion messages so far

Mel Martin

Apple opened today's product announcements with some impressive numbers. The company sold 5 million iPhones on its debut weekend, making it the fastest selling iPhone in history. Apple CEO Tim Cook illustrated his talk with a video of excited crowds at Apple stores around the world. Apple also says that after one month 200 million devices are running iOS 6. Cook says it is the fastest upgrade rate of any software ever. He also notes that iCloud is a tremendous success, and that there are now 125 million documents in the cloud.

Moving on to OS X, Cook is touting iMessage, with 300 billion messages sent so far, and 70 million photos have been shared using shared photo streams.

As for apps, Cook says there are 275,000 iPad apps, which means apps specifically designed for the iPad. Cook is also noting 35 billion of those apps have been downloaded. For developers, those numbers are golden, and Cook says $6.5 billion has been paid out to those creating apps for the iOS ecosystem.

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