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Dropbox for iOS now supports iPhone 5, improves photo resolution


There's an update to Dropbox for iOS waiting to be installed. Dropbox version 1.5.6 appeared late yesterday and provides some nice new features that are sure to make users of Dropbox camera import happy.

The app provides full support for the iPhone 5, but the biggest change involves how Dropbox for iOS handles photos. In the past, the app downscaled images when it was saving them to the camera roll. The Verge used an example of a 4,592 x 3,056 14-megapixel image being downscaled to 960 x 638 when viewed on the iOS device, which was annoying when viewing images on a Retina display.

Now images retain their original resolution, although they're compressed upon downloading. The Verge notes that images did appear to have "fairly noticeable color compression," and that the downloads now take longer -- up to a "few minutes to save a single photo."

Dropbox also adds that there are bug fixes and improved support for iOS 6, although no details are provided on what exactly those fixes and improvements are.

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