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Guild Wars 2 previews upcoming structured PvP features


Guild Wars 2 is getting on top of its game -- its PvP game, to be precise. ArenaNet posted a preview of the improvements and features coming to structured PvP in the near future.

PvPers who win in paid tournaments will soon be granted qualifying points (QPs), which not only allow players to measure themselves against the competition but will be used to seed the game's larger tournaments. ArenaNet said that it will also be adding more ways for QPs to matter down the road.

The user interface for PvP is getting tweaked as well. The tournament browser will now show map rotations and rewards, and ArenaNet is adding a quick-launch button and a scoreboard as well. The team hinted that it's continuing work on custom arenas, although it's not ready to reveal the work on that project as of yet.

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