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'Toy Box' to bring Pixar and Disney characters together in game


Disney is working hard and spending a lot of money on an unannounced gaming initiative tentatively called Toy Box, according to an interview with the company's chief executive, Robert Iger, in the New York Times.

Toy Box is an upcoming console game that will make use of both Pixar and Disney characters in the same environments for the first time. It will extend into mobile and online gaming realms, perhaps offering tie-in games on a number of different platforms, made for different audiences.

Disney Interactive has been struggling lately to find a real hit, especially after the lukewarm reception to the company's Epic Mickey. But the House of Mouse has had some good news from the online and mobile divisions lately, where big titles like Club Penguin have worked with breakout mobile hits like Where's My Water? to prop up the ailing Interactive group.

It sounds like the plan is to better incorporate future console titles like Toy Box with the online and mobile strengths. We'll have to wait and see just what this project turns out to be; it sounds like the official announcement isn't set until next year.

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