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WoW Moviewatch: The Splintered Hand: Destroyer's End


The Splintered Hand: Destroyer's End resembles the opening montages from Saturday morning cartoons on purpose. It's funny; when I started the video, I expected to get slapped in the face by the cold, wet fish of a raiding video. I was (pleasantly, joyfully) wrong.

The video is a sort of inspirational trailer and tribute all at once. The shots and graphics please the eye and the flow moves forward well. My only criticism, really, is that the narration is a tad overwrought. While it's clearly roleplayer-esque, it feels a little over the top to me. I chalk that up to a bad microphone as much as anything else, though, since the sound feels a little like "dude on the other end of Skype." But still, it was a pretty solid little video.

Stay tuned through the end for the funkiest Ragnaros you've ever seen.

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