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atebits releases Letterpress for iPhone


With the release of Letterpress today for the iPhone and iPad, dictionary divers will have yet another word game where they can show off their skills. Letterpress is the new project from atebits, Loren (Tweetie) Brichter's development shop.

The game takes place on a seemingly randomly generated series of tiles, where two players -- connected via Game Center only -- take turns coming up with words using only the letters provided.

The game adds a good bit of strategy by allowing players to "protect" a tile by using it as well as all of the letters bordering it. The opposing player is then prohibited from using scoring the protected letter in their own words. The game ends when either all of the tiles have been played at least once or when both players run out of words to play.

If you consider yourself a wordsmith and want to give Letterpress a try, it's free on the App Store right now, though you'll need to pay for the $0.99 upgrade if you want to unlock more visual themes and keep several games going at one time.

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