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Borderlands for iOS confirmed, to launch Oct. 31


If you didn't quite get your fill of the Borderlands universe with last month's release of Borderlands 2, Gearbox is about to invade your iOS devices with a new title exclusively for mobile called Borderlands Legends. It was announced by Entertainment Weekly. Interestingly, the game does away with the first-person perspective of the console titles in favor of a top-down approach, letting you control your entire four-person squad at once.

Legends features the familiar cel-shaded aesthetic as its bigger brothers, as well as similar enemy types including bandits and wild skags. Loot lovers will be happy to hear that you can still gather items from the world, either for personal use or to sell to vendors for upgrades. Action skills and abilities also return for this mobile iteration, as does the "second wind" mechanic to assist you should you take a fall on the battlefield.

The game will be available on Oct. 31, with the iPhone version priced at US$4.99 and the iPad at $6.99.

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