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Honeywell unveils Dolphin 70e Black: a ruggedized smartphone that can take a wallop

Alexis Santos

Honeywell's pulled back the curtains on its Dolphin 70e Black smartphone for folks in jobs where hardware needs to endure some rough and tumble. Pricing or detailed specs weren't revealed, but the handset packs a 4.4-inch capacitive touch screen, an area-imaging scanner, up to 12 hours of battery life, weighs in at 7 ounces and measures up at 0.75-inches thick. Boasting an IP67 rating on its resume, the phone is dust-proof and can survive a dunk in water. When the ruggedized device ships in February, it'll come pre-loaded with your choice of unspecified versions of Windows or Android.

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Honeywell's New Rugged Enterprise Hybrid Device Brings Smart Phone Looks, Ease of Use to Field Professionals, Logistics, Health Care and Retail Workers

Miami and Fort Mill, S.C. – Oct. 23, 2012-Consumer smart phones don't last long in many field-based work environments – not because service contracts are too short, but because the phones aren't tough enough to withstand drops on concrete, lack adequate battery life or don't have enterprise scanning capabilities. Today's mobile workers have a new option: Honeywell's (NYSE: HON) first-ever rugged Enterprise Hybrid Device (EHD), the Dolphin 70e Black.

The rugged smart device was created for traditional auto-identification and data capture customers who want something sleeker and lighter than a typical AIDC industrial device, but need something tougher than a consumer-grade phone. The Dolphin 70e Black is targeted to meet the needs of the growing mobile workforce, which is projected to reach 1.3 billion by 2015 (source: IDC).

Field professionals can go from the warehouse to the job site and provide better, faster service because of the enhanced communication capability of the smart device. A nurse in a hospital can downsize from carrying a phone, pager and scanner to a single device that goes from triage to office. For retail workers, the device can access product information, look at inventory or be used to call another employee inside or outside the store for assistance.

"Honeywell has decades of experience in rugged design manufacturing and we are proud to introduce the AIDC industry's newest rugged hybrid device," said John Waldron, president of Honeywell Scanning & Mobility. "Dolphin Black reflects two device trends in today's industrial world: consolidation and consumerization. Workers and enterprises are looking for a single device that can do the work of several. They also want their devices to be as intuitive and easy to use as their personal mobile phones and tablets, but rugged enough to survive the environment of today's mobile professional."

Input from many of Honeywell's customers guided the Dolphin 70e Black's development and led to many of the features to improve enterprise productivity, security and durability. Among them are:

IP67 rating allows for submersion in water and is completely dust-proof
Enterprise-class area-imaging scanner
Large 4.3' capacitive touch display that can be viewed in direct sunlight
Up to 12 hours of battery life with a user replaceable battery
At 7 ounces and around ¾ inches thick, is lightweight and compact enough to fit in a worker's pocket

"Our GeoLogistics and navigation software solutions are used by thousands of logistics workers globally. We had the opportunity to test our CoPilot Live Professional navigation solution on a beta version of Dolphin Black, and from a developer perspective, we were tremendously impressed with the implementation of our application. Our customers value accuracy and efficiency in a convenient form factor and with the Dolphin Black's lightning quick performance and stunning product design, Honeywell is in a strong position to meet our customers' needs," said Dan Popkin, vice president of business development of enterprise solutions at ALK Technologies.

The Dolphin Black will begin shipping with Windows operating systems and Android™ operating systems in February 2013.

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