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Mass Effect film script in the hands of 'Rescue Me' assistant editor

Jordan Mallory

Yes, not only is the Mass Effect movie still in the works, but its pre-production phase has actually progressed to Standard Hollywood Adaptation Step 43, Subsection A, where a new writer is attached to the project without any mention of the original talent.

In this case, the movie is now being written by Morgan Davis Foehl, whose tenure in the motion picture industry is that of an assistant editor for Adam Sandler vehicles such as Click and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, as well as the TV drama Rescue Me.

The original writer attached to the project, Mark Protosevich, had already done some work on the script, according to Variety. Protosevich's history includes the screenplays for I Am Legend and Poseidon, in addition to writer and story credits on The Cell and Thor, respectively. Whether Foehl's job is to rewrite the existing script or begin anew is uncertain.

This is a movie adaptation of a gaming franchise, however, so this is not likely to be last round of musical chairs the production staff will play. After all, the project hasn't even named a director yet, let alone lost one and replaced it several times – as outlined in the Standard Hollywood Adaptation Guidebook.

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