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New York Times for Windows 8 hands-on (video)

Joe Pollicino

While today's Windows 8 launch event in NYC didn't open our eyes and ears to anything we haven't known Microsoft's latest OS and the Surface RT tablet, we did take a few moments to spend some time with the New York Times' new app for the OS. The layout is frankly dead simple, and should be familiar to anyone who's unfolded a traditional daily edition made from that stuff they call paper and ink. Swiping from side to side lets you transition between verticals -- it becomes long-winded quickly, unfortunately -- while swiping down from the top edge gives you even more sub-sections to choose from, like photos and video. We're pleased to note that we didn't notice a hint of lag on the VAIO T13 Ultrabook and Asus tablet we tried it out on, either. Your main changeable setting is the interval between auto-refreshes and, naturally, a subscription is required for enhanced access to the NYT's content. Overall, it seems like a simple, clean and fresh reading experience. It's available now from the Windows store, and you can catch our video overview past the break to see for yourself!

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