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Pocket for Mac joins the Pocket family


Let's say you want to read Mike Rose's lengthy post about the third-generation iPad, but since you won't be able to digest it all in one sitting, you'd like to get that post over to your favorite iOS device and save it for later. Now you have a friend in the read-it-later business, as the Pocket app (free) is now available for Mac.

With the new Mac app and a free Pocket account, you'll be able to sync that 2,349-word strongly worded tome from your computer to your personal iPhone (for reading on the plane) or iPad (for continuing to read when you make it home three hours later), and then finish it the next day when you're back at work.

The new app works with the existing Pocket bookmarklets for all popular browsers, so you can take your favorite online content with you wherever you go. If you're a current Pocket user, you'll appreciate the new member of the family; if you're not, perhaps it's time to give Pocket a try.

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