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Waking Mars travels to alien lands of PC, Mac, Linux, Android next month


Waking Mars
, the iOS game that we thought was out of this world, is coming to PC, Mac, Linux and Android on November 6, via the Humble Android Bundle and the Humble store on the game's own website. This version of Waking Mars has been revamped with full voice acting and higher resolution, along with keyboard and mouse support.

Waking Mars follows the trials of Liang, a researcher adventuring deep into an underground cave on Mars, where he must harvest seeds from the various flora in the hope of finding his lost AI buddy. We called it "one of the most successful 'big' games" to be found on iOS.

Below we have a gallery of the new (dare we say alien?) Waking Mars, along with some shots comparing it to the iOS version.

Gallery: Waking Mars (PC/Mac) | 19 Photos

Gallery: Waking Mars (iOS/PC Comparison) | 6 Photos

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