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TiVo teases long-awaited HD guide upgrades for fall DVR update


When we originally reviewed the TiVo Premiere DVR back in 2010, one of our laments was that its revamped HD guide style didn't cover all of the screens in its menu system, and the issue still existed when we reviewed the XL4 earlier this year. Finally, that's being addressed, as TiVo VP Margret Schmidt has confirmed the upcoming fall update will bring reworked screens for the To Do List, Season Pass Manager and My Shows (for networked DVRs), and tweeted screenshots. Also of note are a number of Comcast areas recently added to the list of places that support Xfinity VOD via TiVo, so check your zip code to be sure. As far as the update goes, as usual, if you'd like to be first on the list to try it out, go ahead and sign up on the Priority list right away.

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