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Video highlights from EU launch events

Adam Holisky

Blizzard has released a series of highlights from the EU launch event, which took place over seven cities across Europe. The live stream that night was quite interesting to watch, especially some of the challenge mode gameplay (which unfortunately isn't included here).

It's also worth noting that most of these crowds seem quite substantial. For an audience that is quickly trending towards (if it's not already there entirely) digital distribution, it's eyebrow raising to see that Blizzard still has enough pull to get people out on the streets for these things. Of course with Blizzard's flare for production, the show itself would be worth going to, even if getting a physical game copy isn't a big deal (or not even a thing at all). I suspect that flare has a lot to do with the turn out.

Take a look at the video above! The US one hasn't been posted on YouTube, however we're sure it can't be far behind...

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