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Breakfast Topic: Do you have an in game quirk?

Anne Stickney

Look, I can't help it if I really like eggrolls.

In Mists of Pandaria, we've finally got a feast that looks like something I'd love to chow down on in real life. Last expansion we had the ubiquitous crab in a bucket that always made me sad to think about eating. I mean, the poor little guy was still moving! The expansion before, we had a giant fish on a plate with some oranges. And while I don't mind fish every now and again, I don't really like fish that looks back at me while I'm eating it.

But this expansion, we've got a delicious banquet of food, including my secret nemesis, the eggroll. I love eggrolls. I don't eat Chinese food very often, but every time I do, there's an eggroll on my plate, or I'm not happy. But I've developed a really weird quirk as a result of this -- when my character sits down at the feast before a pull, I always place her on the eggroll side of the table. Why? Well ... I really like eggrolls. And the other side has a fish on a platter, and we've already discussed my disgust for food with eyeballs attached.

I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like more often than not the rest of my raid gravitates to the eggroll side, too. And I haven't asked them about it, I've just watched as we sat down and ate our food for buffs. I've just quietly observed the phenomenon, and I finally decided to sit down and write about it in the hopes of discovering that perhaps I'm not quite as odd as I think I may be.

Do you sit on the eggroll side? Do you pay attention to feasts and position yourself a certain way? Do you have any kind of weird quirk, something you have to do before a pull for luck? Do you have something you do that you think helps your gameplay, even if it's got nothing to do with gameplay at all? And perhaps most importantly -- eggrolls, yes or no?

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