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Charizard 3DS XL burns through Japan's Pokémon Centers in December, snag one if you're lucky


Nintendo is notorious for releasing awesome limited edition hardware abroad, but here in the US of A, we tend to get the short end of the joystick. Case in point, the house that Mario Miyamoto built is releasing a Charizard-themed 3DS XL on December 15th in Japan for ¥18,900 ($237). Available exclusively at Pokémon Center stores, aspiring buyers will need to complete an order form and win (yes, win) a drawing for a chance to purchase one of these beautiful monsters. Winners will have from December 15th through January 14th to claim and purchase their prize. As for you unlucky entrants, you'll have the opportunity to indulge in one of America's favorite pastimes -- buying Nintendo collectibles online at an extremely high markup.

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