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Evernote for Mac update preview


At some point during this week, we expect to see a beta of Evernote for Mac 5.0, which promises to be a completely rewritten app with a much improved user interface. As reported on the Evernote TechBlog, the Evernote team has spent about a year working on adding over a hundred new features to speed up the app for current users and make it easier for new users.

Some of the big changes include the use of "cards" to display notes, similar to the iOS App Store search function's display. The UI is more "Finder-like" than ever before, with user-added shortcuts and a list of most recently used notebooks. There's a new TypeAhead search feature that searches across all notes, then categorizes results by notebooks, notes, tags and recent searches. It will also suggest searches based on phrases that are used frequently.

Business travelers are going to love the new Atlas feature, which shows notes on a map based on where they were written. "Place Cards" show notes ordered by proximity using geolocation metadata. Check out the details in an Evernote video below.

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