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Breakfast Topic: Are you more open to game spoilers than you used to be?


Game content in any MMO today stands little to no chance of remaining unspoiled for long. While WoW Insider takes every effort to tuck spoiler details behind the cut, we'd have to stop reporting on the game to avoid giving away any clues at all. By coming to a site like WoW Insider, players tacitly agree to at least a basic level of spoilers, of learning what's waiting to be discovered within the game they love.

Attitudes about spoilers change over time. As much as I enjoy blind raiding (heading into a raid with nothing but the most inconsequential knowledge of what might lie ahead, leaving the group to figure out mechanics and strategies by trial and error), the WoW community clearly prefers and indeed demands the opposite. Players are encouraged to study and learn raid tactics for bosses they've never seen, and Blizzard implemented the dungeon journal so that players could click open encounter basics right there in the game. Walking into the raid finder with no knowledge of what you're about to face or what to do constitutes a massive faux pas in today's WoW, something most raiders would consider grounds for an immediate kick from the group.

Maybe you're less taken with the thrill of discovery or the reward of figuring something out than with the actual the doing of it, making guides and spoilers a vital part of your WoW repertoire. Or perhaps you enjoy something like collecting mounts, making lists of potential mounts and how to get them an essential part of your game plan. What's your own outlook on spoilers? Is there a certain degree of information you tend to seek about new content, drawing the line at a particular level of detail? If your attitude and the way you use spoilers has changed over time, do you think that's based more on the changing views of the WoW player base or changes in the way you play and enjoy the game?

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