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Google Search app gets expanded voice features


Not content to let Siri be the only big name in voice-assisted search on iOS, the Google Search app has been updated with voice recognition features that bring it almost in line with Apple's own offering. The new search feature lets you verbally request information like weather reports, sports scores and even driving directions -- using Google Maps, of course. The info you request is then spoken back to you automatically.

Google's Chrome web browser for iOS has supported voice recognition for some time already, but the feature remains limited to simply filling in the search bar, with no "smart" abilities of any kind. The Google Search app surpasses Chrome in pretty much every way, but still falls short of Siri, which can perform OS-level tasks like scheduling reminders and composing text messages.

However, if you're using an iPhone 4 or earlier device without the built-in voice assistant at your fingertips, Google's newly refreshed app could be the next best thing.

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