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Need For Speed: Most Wanted races onto iOS today

There are plenty of racing games available for iOS on the App Store, but few carry the name recognition of Need For Speed. Today, Electronic Arts released its latest game in the popular series, Need For Speed: Most Wanted (US$6.99, universal).

Its arrival coincides with the console versions of the title, but this mobile version loses surprisingly little in translation. It has all the fit and polish of its larger-budget counterpart, no doubt thanks to the involvement of developer Firemonkeys, a team comprised of talent responsible for Firemint's exceptional Real Racing series on iOS.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted features a bevy of 35 customizable real-world cars to drive at suitably breakneck speeds that are conveyed surprisingly well even on older devices like the iPhone 4. Of course, the game looks best on the third-generation iPad (or newer) where it supports the device's Retina display, or in widescreen on iPhone 5. No matter which hardware you choose, you'll find pitch-perfect handling and plenty of arcade-style challenge.

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