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The War Z's Halloween beta launch includes new content, special offers

MJ Guthrie

Halloween might be the only time of the year when no one is surprised by streets full of zombies. And for players waiting to get into the spirit by destroying the ravenous flesh-eating hordes, The War Z's closed beta client is ready and willing. Today's launch features new content in the form of all-new zombies to slaughter, new skins, special holiday-themed items, and a map that has doubled in size.

And for folks who previously missed out on the Legend package, Hammerpoint Interactive is offering it again for a limited time. Purchasing this package will grant a player full access to the game, $30 of in-game funds, six months of server hosting, three weekend pass keys for friends, and special player recognition both in-game and on the forums. For more information, check out the official site.

[Source: Hammerpoint Interactive press release]

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