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EA's Origin has 30 million registered users, 4.4 million paying


EA's digital distribution service Origin now has 30 million registered users, 4.4 million of whom have purchased content via the service. EA Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore revealed the figures during yesterday's earnings conference. Moore also noted 13 million users have accessed Origin via a mobile device, and an average sale figure of $64.

"With the 70 plus developers that are now putting content on the platform," said Moore, "And with our own content itself - Medal of Honor [Warfighter] debuted this week, obviously - our ability to continue to drive stronger commercial engagement as well as community engagement has got to be key, and the metrics all point towards that being a very strong part of our business."

Based on the last revealed figure of 21 million back in July, Origin's user base increased by 42.9 percent in the last three months. EA secured another 13 developers at least for its catalog in that time.

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