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Funcom may incorporate new Schwarzenegger Conan film elements into AoC

Jef Reahard

Remember last year's Conan the Barbarian film reboot starring Khal Drogo? Well, forget all about it, apparently. Universal and Arnold Schwarzenegger are hoping to recapture some of Conan's early movie magic with a reboot of the reboot.

Yep, the Governator is set to play everyone's favorite Cimmerian savage for the first time in 30 years, and ostensibly this latest flick will take its cue from the quick shot of an older Conan atop the Aquilonian throne at the end of 1981's Conan the Barbarian.

Age of Conan executive producer Craig Morrison responded to the announcement by saying that Funcom has a great relationship with license distributor Paradox and so some sort of AoC tie-in could well happen. Funcom's Savage Coast of Turan adventure pack expanded on the ideas and locations presented in last year's Conan film, and the firm also made gear from the picture available in-game.

"It's a little too early to tell what form that [a new movie tie-in] will take, but we will have some great opportunities with this as it all comes together," Morrison wrote on the AoC forums. "We are definitely looking forward to seeing what we will be able to do alongside it. With a 2014 release we will have plenty of time to be working on how to best take advantage of another movie."

[Thanks to Duffy for the tip!]

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