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Regional Bluegrass Cellular to offer iPhone 5 on November 2


Bluegrass Cellular is a regional carrier down in the Bluegrass state of Kentucky, and the relatively small network has some big news: It's going to be carrying the iPhone 5. The prices are pretty standard for the various wireless plans, but the biggest part of this news is that a regional carrier has made a deal with Apple at all. If you live in that area, it just means that you have one more option for whatever service you're iPhone is hooked up to.

Bluegrass Cellular previously carried the iPhone 4 and 4S earlier this year, so this is just another phone for them at this point. It is nice to have the iPhone 5 on another network, however.

News like this does show just how much things have changed for Apple since the original iPhone. Yes, it stopped being exclusive way back when the iPhone came to Verizon and Sprint, but the fact that a local regional carrier like Bluegrass can pick up a deal with Apple to sell the iPhone means that the power's almost all in Apple's hands at this point. That is old news now, but back when Apple first released the iPhone, it had to play the carriers' games, rather than the other way around.

[via Engadget]

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