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World of Tanks patches in the Royal Tank Corps


Tally-ho, tank drivers! If you've had a stiff upper lip waiting for to bring to you more British vehicular goodness, then today's the day that Jerry will rue your name! The studio announced that it's pushed World of Tanks' Update 8.1 out of the door, and with it a whole mess of new armored vehicles from the Royal Tank Corps.

Update 8.1 introduces 22 new vehicles from the British, including heavy, medium, and light tanks. The British medium and light tanks have an advantage in speed, although they lack the punch of their contemporaries.

Players will also find better-looking areas for several of the maps when the game finishes patching.

The update is currently available for European players and will make its way to North America tomorrow. You can check out the update trailer after the jump!

[Source: press release]

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