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Age of Conan dev update talks new armor, crafting components from PvP loot

Jef Reahard

Funcom is hard at work on Age of Conan's Secrets of the Dragon's Spine content, and executive producer Craig "Silirrion" Morrison has published his customary monthly development update to bring fans up to speed.

There's a good bit of space devoted to new armor creation (including some nifty concept shots and a blurb about upcoming vanity sets). Morrison also says that the team is on track schedule-wise, but there are no dates to report beyond what we already knew about the first of the Dragon's Spine stuff at the end of 2012.

He does mention an interesting tidbit with regard to the crafting revamp and the different ways to obtain ingredients under the new system. "We mentioned in the stream that some ingredients would drop from player loot. That is indeed the plan, and we want the next sets of PVP items and armor to be gained in part from actual conquests on the battlefield, so an important component of the new system will be that some ingredients required for some of the new PVP items will only come from killing other players."

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