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Resizable app icon concept: iOS meets Windows Phone 8

Visual and user interface designer Max Rudberg has cooked up his own take on how a future version of iOS could be updated to offer app icons that can be resized to offer more information and features. Specifically, the video below shows the Settings icon being expanded into a pane that occupies the full width of the iPhone 5's screen and features toggles for Bluetooth and other settings. The Clock icon is shown expanded to include alarm toggles, and the Mail icon is enlarged to display inbox subject lines.

"This would rather nicely complement the existing feature set of iOS and make the home screen more engaging," Rudberg says in the video's description. He was inspired to create the concept based on the widgets and Live Tiles of Android and Windows Phone 8, respectively. His resizing method most resembles the latter, but unlike Microsoft's design, Rudberg's incorporates interactive elements on the resulting titles.

We've got to say that we're pretty impressed by this concept. It's obviously not entirely original, but the way it's been adapted really seems to fit very nicely with the iOS experience and aesthetic. What do you think?

[via Reddit]

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