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Dust 514 open beta in early 2013; earn 'Double SP' in closed beta until Nov. 8

Xav de Matos, @Xav

During an online multiplayer session pitting CCP against media, the developer's Chief Marketing Officer David Reid noted that the Dust 514 closed beta will continue throughout 2012.

"We'll be in closed beta for the rest of the year," Reid reiteratted to Joystiq following sessions of the free-to-play, PS3-exclusive shooter. "While determining the precise date for commencing open beta definitely will depend on player feedback, we're feeling confident that it won't be much longer after year end."

Reid wouldn't tell us precisely how many users have participated in the closed beta, which had been available to download for PlayStation Plus members earlier this year; however, he said the team has welcomed "hundreds of thousands of people" into the game since launching in August. Users can register for access on the game's website.

CCP seems intent to take its time with the game, with Reid citing the team's desire to run what they "think of as a 'real beta,'" a point expanded upon in our August preview of the game.

"Given the technical complexity of being the first developer to ever connect a console game to a live running PC MMO [EVE Online]. This takes time to ensure we're meeting the quality bar we've set for ourselves and our players expect, and we're committed to doing this right."

To keep Dust 514 closed beta participants locked into the game's large-scale battles, CCP is holding a 'Double Skill Point' event from now until November 8. Servers are online each day of the week at almost 24 hours a day, save for a regular daily maintenance window.

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